News last update:6 Aug 2012

Brazil: Deal signed to create algae farm for livestock and fish feed

SeeAlgae Technology GmbH (SAT)a leading developer of infrastructure for the commercial production of high-quality algae, has signed an agreement to supply and install a 1 hectare "dual-use" algae production plant for Recife, Brazil-based Grupo JB ("JB"), one of the leading bioethanol producers in Brazil.

Once operational, the farm will be primarily used to produce algae biomass and bioethanol from both natural and genetically modified algae strains. Algae biomass is used as a replacement for soybean meal in feed for livestock and fish. This production process will also yield algae lipids which can be used to make biodiesel and certain biochemicals, among other compounds.
Under the €8 million agreement, SAT will design an algae farm and provide its algae cultivation technology to JB, oversee the farm's installation, and ensure the farm's initial productivity.
Separately, SAT has also entered into a joint venture with Grupo JB to market the Company's algae production technology in Brazil. The project, "ALGAS DO BRASIL," will make use of JB's extensive commercial contact network to enhance SAT's marketing efforts. ALGAS DO BRASIL will be 63% owned by SAT and 37% owned by JB.

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