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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Weevils threat Australian stored grains

Poor storage and chemicals are said to be the cause for ruining millions of dollars worth of grain in New South Wales, Australia, reports The Land.

Industry leaders describe the infestation as being the worst in their memory.
The problem occurs across the NSW, where triticale and barley appear to be worst hit.
There is a record volume of grain in storage due to uncertainty about marketing at harvest last year and farmers fear to loose a lot of money.
Grain Growers Association (GGA) director Bruce Smith, told The Land the weevil problem this season was the worst he had heard of.
“I have had a lot of growers tell me that they are experiencing problems and this has only come to light in the last couple of months as they are emptying their storages,” he said.
Smith said unsealed storage and a problem with chemicals not working long enough seemed to be the reason for the weevil infestation, where only anecdotal evidence was pointing in the direction of the chemicals.

Dick Ziggers

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