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News last update:6 Aug 2012

New integrated mycotoxin elimination system

Kiotechagil, the international supplier of high performance natural feed additives, has launched Neutox, a new broad spectrum toxin binder which has added mould control.

Mould growth, which is directly related to moisture content, proliferates under a wide range of conditions and produces secondary toxigenic fungi known as metabolites.
More than 350 types of mycotoxins have been found with many being harmful, even at low levels.
Mycotoxins are now widely recognised as being one of the biggest problems associated with feed and raw materials affecting both animal health and performance.
“Our new Neutox product comprises four active components which aim not just to control an existing problem but to remove the problem wherever possible,” said Mike Rogers business development director at Kiotechagil.
“We conceived the product to be used as a routine in order to avoid animal health problems and to maintain performance.”
The active components
The four active components of Neutox are hydrated silicates, which specifically binds polar mycotoxins such as Aflatoxin, Orchratoxin and Fumonisin as it is critical to minimise the impact of these toxins which can affect the liver and kidney.
The second is purified primary growth yeast cell wall and is effective against non polar toxins, commonly field mycotoxins, which are predominantly based on Fusarium growth.
The third, Kieselguhr compliments the activity of the hydrated silicates and maintains the free flow characteristics of the product and finally Propionic Acid which, in a safe to handle form, inhibits new mould growth and prevents new toxins in feed and raw materials.
“All the components of Neutox have been shown not to bind nutrients in the feed and we are very excited about its the prospects,” said Kiotechagil’s Mike Rogers. 
“Neutox has seen significant take up in countries where it has been trialled and we are now looking to roll it out across other markets.”
Further information and a copy of the Neutox brochure can be obtained at

Dick Ziggers

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