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Portable big bag unit moves to product instead of product to filling unit

European Machine Trading is well established in handling of bulk products and feed and feed ingredients form only a small part of its product handling portfolio. However, at Victam it presented its new portable big bag filling unit, which unexpectedly received the Bronze Innovation Award.

European Machine Trading (EMT) is based in ‘t Zand in the Netherlands, the company specialises in the development and production of blending and bagging equipment. For international sales it uses a selling and servicing network of representatives in many European countries.For the global market all machinery is produced at EMT ‘s production facilities, where the machines are developed, produced, assembled, including motors, weighing systems and electrical panels. There are machinery and spare parts in stock at all times, to assure the customer a quick delivery.Besides its own products, EMT supplies equipment made by Doyle Manufacturing (USA). The high number of machines (400), EMT supplied to over 40 countries, shows the popularity of these machines, which in itself is not surprising, since all machines are custom made. Besides blending units EMT also offers a wide range of bagging equipment with capacities of up to 40 t/h. For big bags EMT supplies several systems with the latest development being the Portable Container Big Bag Unit and the Triple Portable Container unit. The portable unit consists of a big bag filling machine hidden in three containers of 10ft (3 m). The filling capacity is 70 tonnes per hour.

The system consists of one weighing scale in the middle container, to weigh the product. The weighing slide discharges the product directly into the FIBC Big Bag. The big bags are removed by the chain conveyor unit. The container body’s are made of mild steel, but the storage hopper, weigh scale and filling pipe are all constructed of stainless steel #304. The machine operates with a Salter Weightronix weigh indicator. The complete bag fill unit can be operated by one person to fill close the bags. One forklift moves the bags away. All powder-granulated or pressed materials can be filled with this machine line. This machine is easy to move with a normal forklift and can be placed on every desired location inside a building or outside. It fits on a regular trailer truck.

Moving the machine
The machine comes to the product that needs to be bagged, instead of the product being moved to the filling unit. This allows for savings in transport and handling costs and less damage to the product. The unit can be placed for example alongside a ship, so that the product can be packed in big bags directly out of the ship’s belly. The big bags can be stored in simple warehouses and moved by normal trailer trucks. For the system owner it is a flexible solution, because you only need one machine that can be used in different warehouses. AAF

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