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News last update:6 Aug 2012

'Colour marking could identify technical fats'

Dutch Euro parliament member Bas Eickhout (Left Green party) is in favour of adding a colouring to technical fats. This method could prevent the fats being used in animal feeds.

Eickhout urges the European Commission to quickly deploy practical measures against contamination of animal feed with industrial fats, which in Germany lead to a dioxine scandal.
“By adding a colorant to industrial fats they will be easy to recognize. This prevents that these fats accidentally or deliberately are added to animal feed.
“It also minimises the chance that technical fats containing dioxin enter the feed chain,” he said.
Colour marking system
Eickhout said the European Commission has confirmed to investigate the option of a colour marking system.
In diesel fuel this system is already in use with the so-called red diesel for agriculture vehicles. With the red colorant this fuel is clearly visible as diesel with a lower tax percentage. Normal diesel for trucks and cars is green coloured.

Dick Ziggers

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