News last update:6 Aug 2012

'Feed and meat cheaper through bio fuels'

Animal feed and in return meat will be cheaper when bio energy is being implemented on a large scale, according to European Commissioner Andris Piebalgs (Energy).

Piebalgs refers to a number of studies that the European Commission carried out to investigate the expansion of the bio fuel production in the European Union.

Until now, people assumed that the bio fuel industry only consumes large raw material supplies, which are intended to use as animal feed.
However, the valuable by products from the bio ethanol and bio diesel can be used in animal feed. The bigger the production of bio fuels will be, the more by products will be produced, according to the commission.

This trend will result in a price decrease of animal feed, through the large supply coming from the European Union. The commission doesn't specify how much the prices will decrease in the future.

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