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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Lienert releases genetics-based nutrition program

Australia’s livestock nutrition and stockfeed premix manufacturer Lienert has launched Blueprint, a new beef feed management program, which "offers customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

"Genetics and management practices have been rapidly advancing in Australian agriculture over the past 10 years but practical nutrition has struggled to keep pace," says Lienert. Their Blueprint Nutrition Program for beef "is designed to build on an animal's genetic potential at each life stage. Through Blueprint, we can work more closely with beef producers to identify ways to improve farm efficiency and performance, ultimately leading to improved profitability."

Better understanding of nutrition

The Blueprint Nutrition Program, based upon the study of nutrigenomics, is designed to target animal health and performance at the cellular level and build upon genetic potential at each stage of an animal's lifecycle. "Genetics and management practices have drastically improved in recent years, but nutrition has lagged behind," said Nathan O'Brien, national sales manager, Lienert. "The Blueprint Nutrition Program improves our understanding of nutrition, allowing us to provide a customised feeding program to meet the genetic potential of cattle. Feeding an animal exactly what it needs, all the way down to the cellular level, will result in better health, increased performance and improved profitability."

Feed efficiency laboratory testing

Besides nutritional applications, Blueprint includes farm analysis, management consultation, return on investment calculations, and feed quality, nutrient and feed efficiency laboratory testing. "The Blueprint program incorporates Alltech's primacy in science, allowing us to strengthen our support on-farm," said Ty Yeast, managing director, Alltech Australia and Lienert. "Blueprint allows Lienert to use science to improve producers' performance and profitability."

Beef Australia

Team members from Lienert and its parent company Alltech were on hand at the Beef Australia to discuss the program launch as well as other management programs from Alltech, including mineral, mycotoxin, gut health and protein management.  The teams also discussed feed efficiency and the Alltech Beef Pak with producers throughout the week.


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