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EU total export value increases, but drops in wheat

The value of exported wheat and other cereals by the EU-28 has dropped last year. At the same time, the total export value for the EU-28 increased.

This is according to the latest figures from the European Commission. For the 12-months period December 2015 to November 2016, EU agri-food exports reached a value of €130.7 billion, corresponding to an increase by 2% in value terms compared to the same period one year ago.

The monthly value of total EU agri-food exports in November 2016 reached a new record level of €11.7 billion. This is €813 million higher than in November 2015, and about €1.5 billion higher than in the same month of previous years.

Pigmeat record

The highest increases in monthly export values compared to the previous year were achieved for pork (from €3384 million in the period Dec 14- Nov 15 to €5190 million in the year after). Poultry meat exports saw a little drop (from €1592 million to €1442 million).

Raw materials

Looking at raw materials, the export value of wheat between Dec 2015 and November 2016 was €5773 million. This is less than the €6170 million seen in the previous year. Also for soybeans, oilcakes, feed ingredients and milk powder and whey a drop in export value was seen over the last year, compared to the year before. Only for palm and palm kernel oil and oilseeds other than soil an increase in export value was observed

At the same time, the import value of soybeans, other oilseeds, other cereals, other feed ingredients and milk powder and whey to the EU-28 increased. The import value for wheat, palm and palm kernel oil dropped.

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