Feeding Young Animals

Neonate feeding can be a real game changer as it has a huge impact on subsequent performance in later life. As farmers strive for maximum animal performance, it is therefore pivotal to optimise the neonate phase (first days or weeks of life). In this section we have tried to capture a selection of the ongoing and exciting research, done by major players in the animal feed industry.

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Feeding a premium milk pre-weaning will help young piglets get through the first weeks post-weaning. [Photo: Nutrifeed]

Dairy makes all piglets grow

For raising pigs successfully one might want to take a look at the world of dairy cows. Milk ingredients can...

Piglets are capable of detecting an unbalanced amino acid  supply and as such will  lower their feed intake. [Photo: Henk Riswick]

Amino acids: Balance is essential

Behind the addition of amino acids in low crude protein diets for piglets, there is a world of calculations and...

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