Mycotoxins: Detection and control

Mycotoxins continue to haunt the industry despite the many efforts being made. This latest publication delves deeper into measures for detection and control.

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Mycomaster is a rapid, cost-effective and  easy-to-use system which can be operated outside a laboratory.<br />[Photo: Selko Feed Additives]

Bringing the lab to the sample

Measuring mycotoxin levels in feed batches can be a meticulous and expensive process, with long waits and...

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To determine aflatoxin B1 levels in animal feed, for each feed component as well as the TMR, an individual sampling 
strategy determining the optimal number of increments has been developed.<br />[Photo: Mark Pasveer]

Sampling for mycotoxins in feed

Sampling protocols are a necessary control mechanism in the fight against mycotoxins in animal feed. This is...

125 years of mycotoxin research

125 years of mycotoxin research

From humble beginnings of passionate botanists, mycotoxin research is now big business with