Mycotoxins: Analysis and solutions

Mycotoxins produce a wide range of adverse and toxic effects in animals, hindering their overall health and productivity. Here, the progression made by those within the livestock sector who focus on mitigating mycotoxins is highlighted; with a particular focus on analysis and solutions.

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The Importance of mycotoxins analysis. Photo: Mirko Nahmijas

The Importance of mycotoxins analysis

Analysing incoming feed materials for mycotoxin contamination is crucially important as feed can be affected by...

Photo: Impextraco

Fortifying gut barrier functioning

The intestine is the key link between ingested mycotoxins and their detrimental effects on the animal. This...

Broad-spectrum mycotoxin binding. Photo: Kateryna Kon

Broad-spectrum mycotoxin binding

Mycotoxin binders are a valuable tool to help reduce the harmful effects of mycotoxins and prevent performance...

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Maize is widely consumed worldwide and is very susceptible to aflatoxin contamination. Photo: Shutterstock

A breakthrough against aflatoxin

Promising and exciting technologies are emerging to help in the fight against mycotoxins. One such breakthrough...

Climate change. Photo: Frank Polich

Climate change

In the decades to come, the one factor that is likely to have the greatest effect on the economics of the...