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  • Take control of mycotoxin risks in poultry

    Mycotoxins in poultry can reduce bird fertility or egg hatchability/quality. This will not only reduce the viability of commercial breeding units in the short term; the bird’s immune systems could be comprised too without there being any outwards signs of a problem. How to win the war against mycotoxins in poultry production? This whitepaper from Cargill explains which mycotoxins are the most important ones to watch in poultry and how to eliminate mycotoxins altogether.

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    • Take control of mycotoxin risks in swine

      Of all livestock species, pigs are considered to be the most susceptible to the negative effects of mycotoxins. Especially fumonisin (FUM) and zearalenone (ZON) known to be acutely toxic to pigs. The biggest problems are often due to low levels of mycotoxin contamination. In this whitepaper from Cargill you will read more on this topic and the possible solutions for preventing the losses associated with mycotoxins in pig production.

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