Nuscience Group in Bangkok

24-02-2012 | |

The 2012 Dairy Focus Asia took place in Bangkok on 8th and 9th February and Nuscience cattle specialist Nele Gyselinck was there to present new insights on the benefits of Aromabiotic Cattle.

Nuscience also introduced Shellbiotic at Victam Asia 2012 (15-17 February).
The title of the presentation at Dairy Focus Asia was ‘Countering mastitis in early lactation with MCFAs’.
The importance of mastitis and the link between somatic cell count in the milk and white blood cells was explained.
Trials at the University of Ghent (Belgium) have shown a positive influence of Aromabiotic MCFAs on the quality of the white blood cells, resulting in a decrease of the somatic cell count and a higher milk production.
At Victam Asia the Nuscience team presented the results obtained in India and Thailand with the feed additive Shellbiotic.
The product is developed for feeds for breeders and layers and results in improved albumen quality and egg shell which in turn positively influences the persistency of lay in the second phase.


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