The challenge of the protein chain…

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Harrij Schmeitz Agri & Food chains
The challenge of the protein chain…

When I wrote my first blog for All About Feed on the development of the feed-supply-chain it was about John, a feed designer. Now, almost three years later I am starting a new series of blogs on all aspects of feed-design.


First Blog:

My name is John D. – I am a feed-designer

Since December 2011 I am the managing director of a new initiative – a new innovation centre ‘the Feed Design Lab’ at Greenport Venlo. In this innovation centre Industries/companies focusing on feed, pet food, commodities, ingredients, technology, and equipment are working together on innovation and education with R&D institutes, Universities and Educators. You can read more about this in “Why has a pellet a round shape?”.

The questions which have come out from this cooperation are how can we cooperate in a broader scope than we already are. How can we innovate feed to achieve the Philips-SaraLee Senseo effect. Are there combinations we can make that on first look are not logical.

Perhaps we need to first tear down the walls between livestock, arable agriculture, horticulture and food. The solution should be found in a collaboration and through a different way of thinking across those walls/borders.

Lets say that we have to change from thinking in “from feed-conversion towards protein-conversion®”. This combined with phosphate-conversion, energy-conversion and sustainable and health.

For this we should maybe go back to the start just like in this beautiful commercial of Mexican foodservice company Chipotle: Going back to the start…..

Let’s redesign from the start……….. Commodities, Ingredients, Technologies, Concepts….

Happy to read your comments….


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