Weekly update on the global feed business

18-08-2017 | |
Weekly update on the global feed business. Photo: Shutterstock
Weekly update on the global feed business. Photo: Shutterstock

What is new in the animal feed sector? Which product have been launched? All About Feed wraps up the latest product and business updates from the global animal feed industry.

Vicam’s new rapid test for aflatoxin M1

Early detection of aflatoxin M1 simplifies milk quality management and safeguards the value of dairy products across the global supply chain. Vicam has developed a new Afla M1-V HS (high sensitivity) testing solution. Aflatoxin M1 is the metabolic byproduct created when a cow ingests feed that contains aflatoxin B1. Vicam’s testing solutions are based on user friendly lateral flow strip test, providing precise results in just minutes.

Strong growth for BioMar Group

BioMar Group has delivered a strong H1 in both volumes and profits driven by increased market shares across the divisions. In particular the North European markets have valued the steps taken to innovate for increased sustainability and efficiency. BioMar expect to reach revenue of 9.8 billion DKK (€1.32 billion) in 2017 which will be a record year for the company. At the same time BioMar is preparing for significant for growth in new markets through acquisitions and green field projects. The latest announced expansion project has been the acquisition of Alimentsa in Ecuador, which together with the existing factories in South and Central Americas will compose a strong production footprint and a solid platform for the continuous development of high-end shrimp feed. In the first half of 2017 BioMar has furthermore announced the construction of a new factory in Australia. The factory is going to complement the strong salmon division and work closely together with the local customers developing feed for other species in the region.

ForFarmers moves UK headquarters

Animal feed company ForFarmers moved its UK headquarters from Ipswich to one of its feed mill sites at Bury St Edmunds, reported by the newspaper East Anglian Daily Times. It employs around 80 staff and the new building was opened by Yoram Knoop, group chief executive of the Dutch-owned firm, during a visit by the executive board. It brings together staff from 3 former sites across East Anglia, with financial, technical, IT and customer support functions brought under one roof.

Biomin submits EU Dossier for Digestarom® DC

Animal nutrition company Biomin has submitted a dossier for the EU authorisation of Digestarom® DC, a phytogenic feed additive (PFA), for zootechnical status based on its ability to improve the performance parameters of weaned piglets. The EU dossier, submitted for evaluation in May, includes 3 efficacy trials and 1 tolerance trial with weaned piglets that were conducted to demonstrate the efficacy and the safety of the product. The submission of the dossier fits with the company’s our efforts to focus on phytogenics.

BASF launches new vitamin A formulations

Some other innovations that are of interest for the swine business: BASF Animal Nutrition has globally launched Lutavit A NXT, a new vitamin A product line in which ethoxyquin (EQ) is replaced by butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) as stabiliser. According to a press release, the new product delivers a long shelf-life, superior bioavailability and outstanding stability in premix and feed. These vitamin A formulations already meet a new European regulation, requiring to withdraw EQ as a feed additive.

Patented: CombiFerm 3 step fermentation

More product news: having gone through a long development process, animal nutrition company De Heus has received a patent for its CombiFerm 3-step fermentation. The concept takes place in 3 steps – a unique feature according to the company. First a mixture containing lactic acid bacteria is being grown (Optistart). Secondly, a fitting cleansed grain mix (Optimix) is being added. Lastly, after mixing of the 2, within 12 hours a fermented product comes into existence having a pH < 3.5 and a very wide lactic acid/ acetic acid balance.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor