Producing, processing, and distributing feed is highly regulated to guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality. Legislation is under regular review to adapt to scientific and technological developments. Additionally, consumer voices demand products free from confusing labels or tags. Keeping products secure, safety datasheets up to date and tags clean and compliant is therefore not an easy task. This calls for a collaborative platform stimulating control mechanisms and efficient data management.

In this webinar we will cover the topics:

  • Stay ahead of regulations: Gain insights into how BESTMIX® software integrates regulations such as AAFCO rules and US Feed Compendium, keeping you ahead of regulatory changes and ensuring compliance without the hassle. 
  • Boost efficiency and save time: Discover how BESTMIX® streamlines compliance processes, automates label generation, and updates, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently and focus on core activities, ultimately saving you valuable time. 
  • Mitigate risk: Learn how compliance frameworks in BESTMIX® reduce the risk of incorrect product formulations, helping you avoid costly penalties and maintain the highest standards of safety and quality in your feed products. 
  • Enhance product quality and reputation: Understand how accurate labeling and product specifications provided by BESTMIX® contribute to consistent product quality, leading to increased customer satisfaction and enhanced brand reputation in the market. 


Karel Vervaet
Sr. Product Manager Nutrition at BESTMIX Software

Karel holds a master’s degree in Bioscience Engineering from Ghent University (1997). As a senior consultant and leader of the BESTMIX® development team at BESTMIX software, he has extensive experience in feed formulation software and collaborates closely with major players in feed and pet food production. Karel’s focus on sustainability drives his efforts to integrate environmental impact considerations into feed formulation software, ensuring a more responsible approach to animal nutrition production. His expertise and passion make him a respected figure in the field, shaping the future of feed manufacturing.

Lynn Verstrepen
Director of Strategic Growth at BESTMIX Software

As Director of Strategic Growth at BESTMIX® Software, Lynn focuses on building software solutions that address the nutrition industry’s current and future needs. A bioengineering degree in environmental technology, more than 12 years of experience with software for the nutrition industry, and first-hand insights from hundreds of customers help her discover the nutrition industry from the inside. Together with her team, she explores industry trends and evolutions to offer adequate and innovative solutions, incorporate them into our products, and apply them in practice.  

Her active engagement in the feed and petfood industry involves close collaboration with some of the world’s top producers, with a primary objective, of ensuring continuous innovation within the industry and a seamless integration of new trends in our products.  

Liza Bruggeling
Host and editor All About Feed