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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Adifo renews existing ERP tool

The combination of a professional MRP (Material Requirement Planning) with the optimal usage of purchase, sales and recipe data has become an essential part of the business. Optimising production flows reduces risks and costs.

In 2008, Adifo joined forces with Microsoft and combined its industry knowledge with the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX: good usability, high productivity, great flexibility and low TCO.

The result is totally new ERP software that combines the best of both worlds: the sector-related advantages of the former Milas software empowered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Focus on reducing and managing risks
The new solution, MS Dynamics AX-based Milas, now also offers solutions for risk management and commodity trade, integrated in a “purchase and contract management” module.

Combined with the least-cost feed formulation software Bestmix, this tool enables users to take well-founded procurement decisions, manage risks and improve every day management.

The benefits of this tool are not restricted to Bestmix users. The module can also be used as an extension to an existing ERP package.

Milas offers a wide range of techniques and processes for purchase management, leading to new insights and guided procurement decision making, (including purchase forecasting, optimization, simulation, contract management, logistical and cost management).

The procurement- and trading department thus disposes of transparent information, leading to good insights in possible risks.

Information on the actual stocks and inventory are standard elements of MS Dynamics AX and Milas, enabling users to take the right decision, to minimise the stock and still avoid stock ruptures.


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