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All About Feed Specials 2024

Would you like to reach the entire livestock sector on a global scale? Get in contact with Misset International Media and share your story worldwide!
In 2024, Misset International Media will publish 2 special issues: Sustainability and welfare – Nov 2024 | World of Microbes – Dec 2024
The Sustainability and Welfare & World of Microbes issues will be added to the circulation of All About Feed, Dairy Global, Pig Progress and Poultry World. That means increased circulation and global reach within the entire livestock sector! We will also distribute these publications during the international trade shows such as IPPE & EuroTier.

All About Feed Events 2024

4 AprilMycotoxinWebinar Studio 
9 MayAqua feedWebinar Studio 
19 SeptemberMicrobesWebinar Studio 
17 OctoberAntibiotic ReductionWebinar Studio 
12 NovemberFeed EfficiencyEuroTier, Hannover 
26 NovemberMycotoxinWebinar Studio 

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