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News last update:14 Jan 2016

AB Vista shared expertise at 2012 Agriscot event

AB Vista shared its expertise on dairy cow and ruminant nutrition at this year’s Agriscot event held in November and exhibited two new dairy cow targeted feed additives. NitroShure and ReaShure, both supplied by Balchem, provide essential nutrients for today’s high-producing herds and, thanks to AB Vista, are now available for the first time to UK customers.

NitroShure is a rich, slow-release source of nitrogen and protein that makes a cost-effective, high-quality replacement for soya and other proteins in the diet of lactating dairy cows, enabling dairy producers to save money in their feed formulations its high protein density allows for a greater usage of forage ingredients in the diet.

ReaShure, however, is the first highly rumen stable and protected choline product to go on sale in the UK and Ireland. Unprotected choline quickly degrades almost completely in the rumen, but ReaShure helps cows get the nutrition they need. ReaShure is fed during the pre- and post-calving transition period, for general improved health and increased milk production.

Neil Spreckley, GB and Ireland General Manager, AB Vista, said: “As Agriscot is now one of the UK’s top agricultural trade events and an arena for the latest industry developments, Agriscot provided the ideal opportunity for AB Vista to present itself to Scottish dairy and beef farmers, and to introduce NitroShure and ReaShure, alongside our core existing products such as Vistacell live yeast and Acid Buf rumen conditioner.


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