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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukraine tightens control over feed production

Shortly Ukraine's parliament plans to pass a new law "On feed production” which provides new veterinary requirements for all stages of feed production and more a tighter control for the compliance of these rules.

The new rules will not only cover the production, but also the turnover of feed in the market. The violations of the law will led to significant fines for the producers, and it will be the novelty of the Ukraine feed industry. Now the last details of the new law is under discussion, but experts claim that once it adopted it will stimulate the production of safe and quality feed and animal products, and besides will open the opportunity for Ukraine to export feed to EU.

Previously in Ukraine all questions regarding the production, export, import, using, packaging, labeling, transportation, storage and issuance of feed and feed raw materials have not been determined by special legislation. Therefore both producers and consumers of these products were not protected by law from defective and dangerous feed raw materials and feed products.

Experts pointed out that the adoption of this bill will stimulate the production of safe and quality feed, maintaining and improving animal productivity in the country and, consequently, will let the farmers to receive quality and safe livestock products, which in turn is very important for Ukrainian consumers.

The adoption of the new law will be also necessary to reach harmonisation of Ukrainian legislation with the codes of the European Union in order of safety and hygiene of feed. Domestic feed producers will act on equal terms with the producers of the EU, where it is introduced the necessarily for the producers to have the operating permit for the production of certain types of feed or feed additives and at the same time there no mandatory certification of products. With the similar rules adopted in Ukraine the country’s producers will receive the opportunity to export feed to EU.

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