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Product: FMS launch new mobile app for feed industry

Moving decisively to address the growing demand of feed formulators and animal nutritionists for mobile access to their formulation data anytime, anywhere, Feed Management Systems, (FMS) today introduce Brill Mobile, the animal feed industry’s first mobile application for formulation.

Brill Mobile will be available for a sneak preview and opportunity to try this landmark application at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, 29-31 January. FMS is inviting visitors to stop by its booth (3239) to learn more about Brill Mobile and experience the application in real time.  Dr. John Foley, FMS’s formulation portfolio manager, said that the first version of Brill Mobile can be downloaded in three easy steps by customers who register and qualify.

“We’re looking at this first version as a large pilot project,” Foley explained. “We want customers to try Brill Mobile so we’ve decided to make it available to as many people as possible so that we can gather a good cross-section of feedback to understand what features provide the most value. That feedback is vitally important in new areas like this because it enables us to ultimately deliver precisely what users want and need in a mobile formulation application,” said Foley.

Brill Mobile will enable feed formulators and animal nutritionists to view ingredient prices and formulas for each plant location and receive and respond to formulation-related notifications via a message from their mobile device.  The first version of Brill Mobile is designed for Apple’s iPhone devices.  Applications for other smartphones and mobile devices will follow.

Duey Yliniemi, vice president of development and product strategy, explained that Brill Mobile is built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform, which functions as the ‘middleware’ or link between the Brill Mobile application and a customer’s entire formulation database, which is housed in Brill Formulation. “Windows Azure is the enabling technology for mobile access to a customer’s formulation data and functions,” he said, adding that “we plan to work on other Windows Azure cloud-enabled solutions that will give our customers access to their data anytime, anywhere while reducing costs of infrastructure.”

To learn more about Brill Mobile, stop by the FMS booth at IPPE, contact your FMS Account Manager or visit:




    Now a days the mobil technology is for everyone, and have a soluctions as FMS's give more tools for professionals in animal nutrition. Providing them with more opportunities to do their job better.

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    iphone? sigh....

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    The Article is all about FMS launch new mobile app for feed industry thanks for sharing the information about it.

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