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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Innovad launches strategy for combating mycotoxins

On June 12th 2013 , at the 3rd edition of “ Jornada internacional Nutrición Animal 2013 “ organised by the company Disan in the Dominican Republic, Innovad launched its innovative strategy towards mitigating the risk of mycotoxins contamination and its effect on liver functioning.

During the one day event in Santiago de los Caballeros,  which was attended by many veterinarians and nutritionists from this very intense region of production named El Cibao, Dr. Duarte Diaz, PhD highlighted the importance of proper risk management and possible damages occurring in the field due to the presence of mycotoxins combined with other stress factors on farm.

In a country that is suffering from endemic viral hepatitis, dependent on imported US corn and confronted with tropical & humid climate, the animal liver functioning is under stress and often impaired.  During the conference, Ben Letor, Innovad Director insisted that “It becomes therefore very critical to develop dietary strategies to reduce the negative effect of toxins in the presence of such challenging environment typical in Dominican Republic.

Letor added that “Escent multiple mode of action is currently being evaluated with poultry producers with exciting expectations, specially considering its oxidative stress reduction features and its ability to stimulate liver and kidney functioning.”


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