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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukraine: DuPont Pioneer opens large seed production plant

DuPont Pioneer has opened a seed production facility in Stasi, Dykanka region, Poltava oblast, Ukraine. The facility will produce maize, sunflower and rape seeds.

The $40 million facility is built in one of the most productive maize and sunflower growing regions in the world. DuPont’s investment in the facility shows its commitment to meet the world’s increasing demand for nutritious food.

The Stasi facility together with the logistics facility built in Stasi two years ago, employs approximately 70 employees to support the warehousing, timely distribution and production of about 500,000 units of Pioneer® brand maize and sunflower hybrids.

DuPont Pioneer, the agriculture business arm of DuPont, is a market leader in Ukraine for maize hybrids and continues to expand its sunflower and oilseed rape hybrid business. The company aims to double its grain production in Ukraine and is working with farmers in Ukraine and Russia to meet the growing needs and make sure that a steady supply of grains is available.

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