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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Nutreco enters joint venture with Dutch Feed in Ukraine

Nutreco announced that it has signed an agreement to enter into a joint venture with its existing experienced partners who have an extensive sales and distribution network in Ukraine, reported local media Soya News info citing the representatives of the Trouw Nutrition – the feed producing department of Nutreco.

It is assumed that the deal will let Trouw Nutrition become a market leader in compound feed production in the next coming years.

According to the agreement Nutreco will take an initial 1/3 share in the company, Dutch Feed. “This joint venture will allow Nutreco's premix & feed specialties business, Trouw Nutrition International, a market leadership position in a growing market.

Nutreco has operated a sales office in Ukraine since 2006. And in 2011 operated a new feed mill owned by Dutch Feed, this feed mill will be incorporated as part of the joint venture” – says the report.

The market of feed production in Ukraine is currently one of the fastest growing in Europe with the average level of growth at 5-10% forecasted for the coming years.

The Trouw Nutrition feed mill produces animal feed concentrates and compound feeds and is located in Kordelivka (Kalynivsky district, Vinnytsya region).

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