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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Miratorg increases feed production in 2013

The total volume of feed production from Russian agricultural holding Miratorg has amounted to 1.067 mln tonnes, which is 40% higher than in 2012, meaning that it has held its position as the leading feed producer in 2013 according to the recent report of the press-service of the company.

At the same time the company projected a further increase of feed production in 2014, as the new feed mill in the Bryansk region has reached its full production capacity.

"After launching in May 2013 the high-tech feed plant in the Bryansk region, grew by 25% to 1.46 million tonnes of feed per year" – according to the press-release of the company.

The largest part of feed the production is going to cover the company's own livestock needs.

Also Miratorg increased the harvest of feed crops in 2013. According to the statics reported by the press-service, the harvest rose to 512 thousand tons, which is 73 % higher than in 2012 (297 thousand tons). Arable land of the agricultural holding in 2013 increased by 65 thousand hectares, which amounts to 381 thousand hectares, 21% higher than in 2012.

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