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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukraine to produce 120 mln tonnes of grain

Ukraine will double its grain production within 15 years, says President of the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) Volodymyr Klymenko at a press conference recently.

"15 years ago, nobody believed that Ukraine would produce 60 million tonnes of grain. In 2013, Ukraine produced 60 million tonnes and in 15 years Ukraine will produce 120 million tonnes of grain," he predicts.

According to Klymenko, in order to double grain production, Ukrainian farmers have to overcome a problem of raising a crop capacity "Ukraine produces corn with the crop capacity existing in the US, wheat and barley with the crop capacity existing in France - we will gather 120 million tonnes of only three crops on the same acreage," Klymenko explained.

He noted that even now there are examples of farmers from Cherkasy region, where corn's crop capacity is 250 centners/ha "The average crop capacity is 10.5 tonnes/ha in the US, and we have already 20 tonnes," the Association President summed up.

If the forecast is fulfilled, Ukraine will be able to export almost 90 mln tonnes of grain. In 2013 Ukraine exported 32 mln tonnes of grain. The domestic consumption stands at 26-28 mln tonnes of grain.

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