Compound feed

News last update:14 Jan 2016

GMP+ publish Country Note for Central and Eastern Europe

GMP+ International has recently published the Country Note ‘Central & Eastern Europe’ on their website. The note is intended for compound feed and premix companies in the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Slovakia.

These countries often deal with suppliers of feed materials that are still not GMP+ certified. This Country Note allows said companies – under certain specific requirements – to temporarily purchase feed materials from non-GMP+ certified suppliers.

This Country Note (CN) was established in close consultation with representatives of the compound feed and premix companies and with consultants and auditors from the relevant countries.

The Country Note BCN-CEE1 Central & Eastern Europe is to be applied in combination with the GMP+ B1-standard, in particular with the requirements for the scope 'production of compound feed' or 'production of premixes' from the GMP+ B1 standard. The compound feed and premixes that are made based on the requirements in this CN can only be sold in the local market.

As of January 1st 2015 you can certify your company for this Country Note.


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