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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Pancosma acquires validation for patent on glycine chelates

Pancosma recently announced that the European Patent Office had officially noted that the period of opposition, for one of its latest patents on glycine chelates, had expired without any claim from third party.

The patent, granted on patent application No. 1453843, is entitled "Powder trace element, method and device for making same," and covers the production of organometallic water-soluble complex of glycine with a metal. Indeed, it covers the production of specific chemical form of glycinates. This patent completes the set of patents that have been granted to Pancosma, such as 2161075, entitled "Process and device for manufacturing organometallic complexes in powder form", which protects the specific manufacturing technology used to produce glycinates. Besides, applications on these patents were issued a notice of allowance in several other countries worldwide.

"These inventions have been critical to Pancosma' ability to create a new market segment with glycinates based on unique chemistry and technology" said Daniel Kofel, CEO of Pancosma. "These patents cement our position as one pioneer of this industry. We intend to use these patents, and all our intellectual property, to protect our leadership in the market we created."


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