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Group challenges FDA animal feed rule

The Humic Products Trade Association has filed a petition proposing the the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amend its rule on food additives in animal feed.

The group, which advocates for the commercial use of humic products, has petitioned the administration for new regulations that allow for the safe use of humate, fulvic acid and humic substances as a source of iron in animal feed.

Humic products are composed either in-part or primarily of humic substances, humic acids and/or fulvic acids. The vast array of humic products includes naturally-occurring mined materials such as leonardite, oxidized lignite. According to the International Humic Substances Society humic products may also be used in formulations such as livestock feeds and pet foods.
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  • joshua jendza

    Explain to me how this is a 'Challenge' to the feed rules. They filed a Feed Additive Petition, which is the normal procedure for getting a new feed additive approved. There are currently 22 open and active feed additive petitions in the federal register for new ingredients or intended uses. None of which can reasonably be characterized as 'Challenges' to the feed rules.

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