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EU needs to unlock GM import authorisations

FEFAC, FEDIOL and COCERAL are urging the EU Commission to immediately lift the present “de-facto” moratorium on GM import authorisations for feed and technical uses to prevent further threats to the EU food security as well the feed and EU livestock sector.

Despite these increasing threats, the EU authorisation system for GM import is on hold since November 2013 due to merely political considerations. There are currently 12 GM crop import authorisations (1) awaiting final decision by the EU College of Commissioners, following completion of the EFSA scientific assessment and EU risk management process.

EU risks serious shortage in imported commodities

By continuing pledging political misconceptions, the EU risks facing a situation of serious shortages of the much needed import of agricultural commodities for food, feed and technical uses. The risk is increasing that entire shipments of agricultural commodities, regardless of whether GM, non-GM or organic products, will be blocked at EU borders because of technically unavoidable traces of the "blocked" GM products detected in imported consignments.

Restrictions at EU customs could mean 100 million euro costs per month

If decisions for import authorisations are delayed any further, EU business operators could bear massive extra-costs. If we only consider soybean meal shipments from the US - where some of these GM crops are already commercially grown - a possible blockage at EU custom would mean costs of up to 100 million euro per month.


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