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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukraine release latest 2014/15 grain export figures

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade increased its forecast for grain exports from Ukraine in 2014/15 from 37.79 million tonnes to 37.9 million tonnes in January. Ukraine also signed a memorandum to set a limit on the allowable export of wheat.

According to the new balance sheets, wheat exports from Ukraine in the current marketing year could reach 12.8 million tonnes, barley - 4.2 million tonnes and corn - 20.2 million tonnes. The figures are based on the total grain harvest of 63.8 million tonnes in 2014. Since the beginning of 2014/15, Ukraine exported 21.88 million tonnes of grain, according to official statistical data.

Russia implement export duties on grain amid falling currency, Ukraine will not follow

In the middle of the season both Russia and Ukraine faced the threat of high export supplies on the grain market, which posed a threat to domestic food security. This happened amid the falling national currencies – Russian rouble and Ukraine hrivnia. As a result, Russia implemented export duties on grain. Ukraine stated that they will not take the same step.

Ukraine sign memorandum on allowable exports of wheat

In late January the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and grain traders of Ukraine signed a memorandum on the maximum allowable exports of wheat from Ukraine in the period of January-June of 2015, which was agreed at 1.2 million tonnes. Feed wheat exports until the end of the marketing year, according to the memorandum, could reach 3.4 million tonnes. Feed barley could not be higher than 4.2 million tonnes and feed corn - 20.2 million tonnes.

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