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6 facts on water intake horses

Water is an important nutrient for all animals, so also for horses. These 6 facts need to be considered when filling up the bucket.

Next to a good diet, fresh, clean water at an appropriate temperature, should be available for horses. Although most horse owners know this, Kentucky Equine Research Centre (KER) made a simple list that horse owners should consider.

In a moderate climate, horses drink 20-55 liters of water a day.

Horses don’t drink the same amount very day. Keep track of water consumption as best as you can.

Diet influences water intake. Horses that consume all-hay diets drink more water than those fed mixed hay-grain diets.

Mature horses spend only five or six minutes a day drinking water.

Foals start drinking water as early as a week old.

Exercising horses may require more water than their sedentary peers, especially if they sweat. The lack of water can include the lack of electrolytes.

Read the full article on KER’s website.

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