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A must read: Next edition of Dairy Global now available

The new digital version of Dairy Global magazine is now live. Dairy Global is proud to present its second edition to dairy farmers around the world.

In this issue our content partner International Farm Comparison Network gives insights in to how to use milk production cost data in day to day farming, we focus on the dairy sectors dependency on soy, we look ahead at Eurotier and its innovations and much more. IFCN's managing director Torsten Hemme is the spider in the web when it comes to gathering intel, knowledge and data for a better understanding and inspiration for all involved in the dairy sector. "Our data on the cost of production makes it possible to judge the competitive position of your individual farm."

When discussing farm profitability, raw material prices are an important ingredient. Soy is the Achilles heel of the dairy sector even if it only makes up 11% of the diet of dairy cows. The demand for soy is enormous. A sub optimal harvest in the Americas may lead to a 'soy war' between Europe and China, with severe price consequences influencing farm profitability. Only when profitable in the long term can investments be made to make the farm future proof. In that light, Eurotier in the German town of Hannover is the place to be to explore what way to go. The latest innovations and proven techniques are on display. A venue not to miss.

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