News last update:14 Jan 2016

Moldova: Shortage in feed grain not enough to meet domestic demand

Followed by Ukraine, which has recently imposed an embargo on the export of wheat, Moldova also decided to completely abandon export of grain. “Because of the shortage of grain in 2012 the Association of grain exporters Agrocer Moldova will not supply it to the international market” reported the chairman of the Association Alain Mandate.

"In the country there is a shortage of grain. For this reason the price for it is higher than abroad. So it is also simply not profitable to export grain for our producers. Prices are high, while stocks are low, we are currently selling all we have to local processing facilities and storages, " said Mandate.

According to the official statics wheat yield in Moldova in 2012 amounted to 460 thousand tonnes, 42% lower than last year. Barley harvest was about 110 thousand tonnes, which is 44% lower than last year's figures. Corn crop was 450 thousands tonnes a 70% drop compared to the 2011 figures. As a result of such a serious shortage in corn production, the experts predict that neither the decision to stop grain export or even recently allocated support from the EU, could save Moldova. The shortage has already led to a rise in their prices, which in turn increases the cost for livestock products.

"The situation is just as in 2007, when prices for feed rocketed because of the drought. And today, compared with 2011 the cost of soy has doubled, while the cost of corn and wheat by 80% and 70% respectively. This happened along with the fact that the supply of feed is limited. After all we had to increase the wholesale prices [for poultry] from 28 lei (US$ 2.29) per kilogram to 32.5-34 lei (US$ 2.65-2.78), " said the representative of the holding Vispas -Christian Victor.

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