News last update:14 Jan 2016

India: Feed processing plant inaugurated in Mehsana

Chief minister of Gujrat, Narendra Modi inaugurated a cattle feed factory capable of processing 1,000 tonnes of cattle feed per day.

Modi also opened an institute for dairy technology at Mahesana's Dudhsagar dairy in Jagudan area.

While highlighting the state's initiatives in the field of cattle-rearing Modi said, "Saurashtra did not have cattle-feed processing plants and there was also a shortage of cheaper cattle-feed. The state government recently announced a Rs 30 crore (€4.26 million) scheme for setting up of a cattle-feed factory in the co-operative sector."

The government, he claimed, has also set up Kamdhenu University to create a pool of manpower for encouraging scientific cattle-rearing techniques in Gujarat.

Chairman of Dudhsagar Dairy Vipul Chaudhary said that the cattle feed processing factory is the biggest in the country and will process 10 lakh (1 million) kilograms (or 1,000 tonnes) of cattle-feed per day.

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