News last update:14 Jan 2016

Muyang opens new production facility in Henan

In August 2013 the opening of a new production facility in Henan,China strengthened Muyang's position as an integrated solution provider of plants, equipments and services in the field of feed manufacturing.

The new facility was built on an area of more than 20,000 square meters in Xinzheng City, about 30km away from China’s biggest transport hub Zhengzhou. The new facility mainly focuses on the manufacturing of accessory parts and equipment for Muyang’s feed mill engineering and steel silo erection businesses in Northern China.

This addition enables Muyang to further improve its complete solution providing ability. Also customers will reap the rewards of a better and faster tailor-made support service.

Muyang also held a series of supplier conferences in the third quarter before moving its production activities to the new production site scheduled for April, 2013. A total of 147 representatives from 111 Muyang suppliers took part in the conferences.

Muyang Chief Production Officer, Mr. Li Xinfa, who hosted the conferences, thanked all suppliers for their long-term support. He introduced the new production site, and pointed out that though supplier performance has improved in past years, there is still a lot to be done, especially when the new production site formally running, new standards would be set to suppliers’ delivery in order to synchronise them to the state-of-the art flow production system. “There are favorable long-term trends in China and global agriculture markets where Muyang doing business,” he said: “hope that we could grow together in the future.”

Outsourcing is one of the competitive strengths for Muyang in developing a worldwide diversified business and providing flexible solutions that meet the exact customer requirements. It manufactures core components and products in its own workshops while sourcing qualified machining and fabrication of components from suppliers’ workshops under a strict Production Direction & Quality Control System, and performs product assembly and testing in its own workshops.


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