News last update:14 Jan 2016

Product: Pericoli launch new 42" Exhaust fan

Pericoli have now closed the capacity gap with their new EOS/EWS42” range, replacing the traditional 36” fans, which has been designed and engineered to create a seamless and efficient transition of your ventilation programme.

With innovative design and engineering, a small increase in the outer dimensions (+/- 5%), resulted in an increase in capacity of 23% and an increase in efficiency of 17%.  The new EOS/EWS42” fan range incorporates:

  • Aerodynamic shutters
  • Plastic shutter socket eliminating air and light.
  • New motor plate and new propeller hub – greater rigidity.
  • New aerodynamic drive pulley with increased air flow
  • New safety net access system

Increased capacity and efficiency (cfm/W) means fewer fans per installation, resulting in lower capital and lower running costs.


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