News last update:14 Jan 2016

KSE: Past success provides guarantee for the future

KSE Process Technology celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. With a continuous focus on innovation, the company is an important partner for the premix and compound feed sector.

KSE Process Technology produces high-tech products and solutions for the animal feed industry and related industries worldwide. This year is a jubilee year for KSE, besides the 40-year anniversary of the company, KSE also celebrates the 80th anniversary of the  ALFRA dosing and weighing systems and the 25th anniversary of PROMAS automation software.

KSE, founded in 1973, was established by the Smulders family as Kempenservice Elektrotechniek B.V. in Hapert, the Netherlands. The company was initially established as an electrical installation company for regional customers in utility, horticulture, stables and compound feed factories. Today KSE is known as the PremixMineral and animal feed industry specialist with proven international experience in delivering process solutions.


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