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Major solar array for Geelen Counterflow

over 600 solar panels on the roofs of Geelen Counterflow’s plant in Haelen, Netherlands, was commissioned at the end of October. Every year over 125.000 kWh of clean electricity will be generated for laser‐cuttingand welding of stainless steel components for the company’s dryers and coolers.

Geelen Counterflow develops and builds energy‐efficient counterflow dryers and coolers for the feed and food industries. Over 80% is exported outside of Western Europe, with the help of sales and service offices in the US,Argentina and China. The company is currently preparing for the construction of a zero‐energy‐office for up to 50 office staff, to be built in 2014 according to "cradle to cradle" eco‐design principles, using sustainable building materials.

The investment is part of "project 50/50" which targets a 50% reduction of the company's CO2 footprint in 2020, compared to 2012 and an increase of 50% in the amount of CO2 reductions the company achieves for its customers by installing more efficient dryers and coolers. The investment in solar panels is only one step towards the target of 50% reduction of CO2 footprint for the company.


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  • Jane Smith

    Hi, Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide the energy for the entire planet for 24 years. The sun is simply one big battery for us.
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