News last update:14 Jan 2016

New feedmill launched in Siberia

A large feed plant has recently been launched in the Omsk Oblast region of Russia on the territory of Siberia.

The new initiative has been designed to produce 40,000 tonnes of feed production per year, making it one of the largest on the territory in this part of the country. According to official project documentation the investment cost of the project was relatively small-approximately RUB 300 mln (USD$ 10 mln).

The new plant is located in the Kormilovsky area of Omsk Oblast. According to the regional Government, the new enterprise of agricultural holding Rusko-Agro is built on a compact production site near the village of Sosnovka, where they already operate a pig and poultry farm. According to representatives of Rusko-Agro the new project will let the company significantly reduce the cost of purchasing feed and increase the efficiency of the production process, which in turn will lead to the rise of profitability.

During the initial stages all feed production will go to meet the demands of the local livestock facilities of Rusko-Agro. After the enterprise has reached the full production capacity, the management of the holding plans to start selling feed at low prices to the local farmers.

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