News last update:14 Jan 2016

Large lysine plant to be built in Russia

A large plant for the production of feed lysine will be commissioned in Russia. The construction work on the new facility has already started. It will have the estimated capacity of about 57,000 tonnes of lysine per year with some amount of by-products based on the deep processing of grain.

The plant will be the largest in Russia and among top ten producers of lysine in the world. It could meet the demand of the Russian feed industry in the lysine at the current stage by 50%, according to the preliminary experts’ estimations.

Construction of the plant in the area of Shebekinsky of the Belgorod region will be completed in 2014, and in 2015 the enterprise will reach full production capacity, reports the representatives of the project.

It will also include the construction of grain storage with the capacity of 50,000 tonnes. Last year an experimental plant was commissioned for the production of lysine. It was a  scientific laboratory for training future biotechnologists and specialist of the microbiological industry who will be working at the news enterprise after it will come into operation.

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