News last update:14 Jan 2016

Large feed mill opens in Tatarstan, Russia

One of the largest feed mills in the European Part of Russia has been recently opened in the Republic of Tatarstan, according to the representatives of the local government.

The new enterprise located in the Bugulminsky area of the Republic and according to the preliminary estimates the investment cost for the project was RUB 2.2 bn (US$ 59 mln).

The main investor is JSK "Reproduct". The new enterprise has the capacity of 200,000 tonnes of finished compound feed annually and has grain storage facilities with the capacity of 36,000 tonnes of grain.

At the moment representatives of the project plan to sell the compound feed produced to the neighbouring Samara region and other regions of the central Russia.

However, in the near future there are plans to open a poultry farm here with the capacity of 120 million units of eggs and meat processing plant with the capacity of 30 tonnes of poultry meat per hour.

Therefore, a large proportion of the feed produced will go to cover the demand of the poultry farm, according to representatives of JSK "Reproduct".

The total investment cost of the whole project is estimated at RUB 10 bn (US$ 269 mln).

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