News last update:14 Jan 2016

Monsanto to invest millions into corn seed production

Monsanto Ukraine will continue to invest in expanding the production programme in Ukraine, including the construction of a plant for producing corn seeds.

First the company intends to invest about US$ 140 million into the project, commented the local media APK-Inform, the head of Monsanto Ukraine, Vitaly Fedchuk.

According to him, Monsanto has already begun to invest by purchasing agricultural equipment for processing the hybridisation areas, as well as the installation of irrigation systems.

Also Vitaly Fedchuk reported that the new plant will produce corn seeds under the brand "DeKalb" for the Ukrainian market which will let the company expand the production range for the local customers.

"We are working with farmers who grow the seeds with use of modern agricultural technologies and seed plants that can provide the same high quality refinement of seeds as the factories of Monsanto. At present, Monsanto has already decided on the site for the construction of the future plant, but we are still discussing the final details of the project ", he concluded.

It is expected that the plant should be commissioned in early 2017.

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