News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia forecasts rise in feed production

By 2020 the Russian feed industry will increase its production to 40 million tonnes. This growth will mainly come from expansion of the largest agricultural holdings in Russia, which will produce more and more feed to meet their own needs.

In 2014, the total demand in feed production at the domestic market has been estimated at 24 million tonnes. At the same time, the report of the Russian analytical agency Agroinfo estimated that currently the 70 largest feed mills provide about 70% of the total Russian feed production.

Poultry feed accounted for 55% or 13.2 million tonnes, pork feed for 24% of 6 million tonnnes, while cattle feed accounted for 19% or 4.5 million tonnes. Other types of feed amount to 5% of the market and 2 million tonnes.

Demand for poultry and pig feed growing

It is expected that the demand for poultry and pig feed in the coming years will be growing, as the country may start to develop export of this types of meat. At the same time, the production of beef in the country is projected to decline, which may negatively affect the production indicators of this segment of feed industry. This year the production output of the country's meat producers may drop by 5% compared with 2014, with unclear long-term prospects.

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