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News last update:14 Jan 2016

New brand for already known vitamins: Vilofoss

Concurrently with the Danish-owned DLG group is intensifying its activities in vitamins and minerals, the group now launches a new export brand in the area.

It is the name Vilofoss, which prospectively will act as a unifying brand, when the vitamin- and mineral companies of the group act outside their respective home markets.

“Vilofoss is our new international face in the area. It is based on two strong brands, namely Deutsche Vilomix and Vitfoss, which are well established not only in Germany and Denmark, but in large parts of Europe,” CEO Jacob Holm, Vitfoss, says.

“With the ambitions we have in the field of vitamins and minerals, the proper approach is to cultivate a strong common brand; we are very optimistic about this, as our current individual brands have a strong position in the market. Internally we make use of the synergies, and this should be reflected in the common marketing as well.”

In practice the new Vilofoss-brand means that the various companies in the group stand unanimous.

Consequently Vitfoss keeps its brand in Denmark, Deutsche Vilomix continues unchanged in Germany, the same goes for Calcialiment in France; however, when the companies operate in the export markets, it is under the same name certificate.

“This also applies to our new activities in Poland, but also to markets, in which Vitfoss, Deutsche Vilomix and Calcialiment are represented today, for example. Russia, England, the Baltics and the Balkans,” Holm says.

Sunita Sahota

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