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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Saudi Mix announce new joint venture with Decaphos

Saudi Mix from Saudi Arabia announces the joint venture for distribution with Decaphos from Bulgaria.

The agreement for distribution  in the field Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) and Mono-Calcium Phosphate (MCP) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & All Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)  Countries, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt was announced at EuroTier this year.

Saudi Mix is agent of some international companies in Saudi Arabia , Gulf  Countries and other middle East countries.The products portfolio includes innovative specialties for ruminants and poultry.

The alliance will be an excellent opportunity to build its position in the fast growing markets for DCP and MCP.

Decaphos is a producer of Phosphates  not only in Bulgaria, but also  in the Balkans regions. This fact, in combination with the established quality of Decaphos products has set up the company for a short time as the leader on the market of phosphates for animal feed in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries.


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