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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Armenia starts fishfeed production

One of the largest feed mills in Armenia, located in the Yeghvard city and owned by Manana Grain Company, has announced their intention to produce of fishfeed, with the total capacity of 5 tonnes per hour, and the possibility of increasing this figure in future.

These products will be designed primarily for Armenian aquaculture producers, however, a spokesman of Manana Grain said he was confidence that the fishfeed could be delivered to Russia in the foreseeable future.

"Fishfeed is not yet produced in Armenia. We have already ordered the equipment which is to be installed in the Yeghvard feed mill. The first part of the equipment, from Germany, will be installed in December, while the second - in February. Thus, we plan to put the line into operation at the end of April 2013. For the production of this type of feed we will import feed ingredients from Vietnam, Chile and other countries, such as fish meal and fish oil and mix all the necessary components ourselves,"- Gurgen Nikoghosyan, the head of the Manana Grain Company, said.

According to him, the use of such high quality feed can significantly increase the volume of aquaculture production in the country.

"The pond fish farms could also be among our customers. Currently farmers are getting 350 kg of fish, mostly carp, from one hectare of ponds, using natural food. If they start using our fishfeed, then from the same hectare they could receive 10 times more production - about 3.5 tonnes "- he adds.

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