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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Effect of Fluidarom 1003 in sows and piglets

Spanish based animal nutrition company Norel has conducted following its R&D policy along with Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), a trial on the benefits of using Fluidarom 1003 (flavour based on essential oils) in sows and piglets.

The goal of the experiment was to find whether out Fluidarom 1003 could represent a familiar sign for the weaned piglets, acting as a flavour link and stimulating feed consumption after weaning, in addition to improving performance.

The trial was performed with 80 sows in late pregnancy (28 days before farrowing) allocated in two different treatments; T1 with control feed and T2 with the same feed but with addition of Fluidarom 1003. After birth, 240 piglets in lactating stage (with T1 sows) were fed with control creep feed while other 240 piglets (with T2) were fed the same diet supplemented with Fluidarom 1003.

At weaning, the trial was conducted with 480 piglets allocated in 4 different treatments: P1: T1 sows´ offspring fed with control diet - P2: T2 sows´ offspring fed with control diet - P3: T1 sows´ offspring fed with feed supplemented with Fluidarom 1003 and P4: T2 sows´ offspring fed with feed supplemented with Fluidarom 1003. Results revealed that dietary supplementation with Fluidarom 1003 in late pregnancy and lactating sows improved average daily gain (ADG) of piglets before weaning by 4.78% and daily feed intake (ADFI) by 5.34%.

In addition, when compared to control and after consuming Fluidarom 1003, prestarter piglets increased ADG and ADFI by 24.71% and 24.79%, respectively.

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