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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Lallemand showcases latest research papers

Lallemand Animal Nutrition participated in the Joint Animal Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, in July showcasing their latest research.

The meeting is held annually and attended by veterinarians, animal nutritionists and researchers from around the world. Several papers were presented by Lallemand employees.

Posters related to Lallemand Animal Nutrition technologies and strains that were presented at the meeting:

  • M324 Effect of live yeast supplementation on milk yield, milk components, and rumen pH in dairy cows. Summary: Addition of live yeast reduced the risk of rumen acidosis by increased rumen pH and tended to increase milk yield.
  • 490 The effect of inoculants containing Lactobacillus buchneri on the fermentation of alfalfa silage harvested at two dry matters. Summary: Treatment with L. buchneri altered silage fermentation but the changes were dependent on what organism it was combined with and the DM content of the forage.
  • W94 On farm corn silage evaluation method and its validation in a field study. Summary: The study confirmed that good management is essential for good quality silage, and the addition of L. buchneri can help optimize these management practices.
  • W255 Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 supplementation on zootechnical performances and feeding behavior of dairy bull calves during growing period. Summary: Dairy bull calves fed live yeast SC showed a different feeding behavior, had higher DM intake and subsequently higher weight gain than unsupplemented ones.
  • W96 Effects of DM concentrations and inoculants on Jiggs and Tifton 85 bermuda grass silage. Summary: Molasses as an additive may improve the nutritive value of the silage but the aerobic stability was worse than silage treated with inoculants and untreated.
  • W97 Effects of Lactobacillus inoculants and forage dry matter on the fermentation and aerobic stability of ensiled mixed-crop tall fescue and meadow fescue. Summary: Microbial inoculation improved the aerobic stability of silages harvested between 18 and 44% DM.
  • W300 Sugar cane silage for lactating dairy cows. Summary: Although there was no improvement in milk yield, cows fed silage treated with Pr. acidilactici had higher amount of milk protein and fat.


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