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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Mardi embarks on projects to meet local feed demands

Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (Mardi) is setting up projects designed to meet local demands for animal feed, such as its advanced reproductive biotechnology (ARB).

“Malaysia’s  overall economic strength is founded on agricultural development,” said Mardi’s director-general Dr Abdul Shukor Abdul Rahman. “Ruminant feed production is part of that development” he added.

“Mardi’s research and development in the past has put a lot of emphasis on feed import substitution through the use of locally available feed resources particularly for non-ruminant livestock and the use of nonconventional fibrous feedstuffs from the agro-industry for ruminant livestock,” he said in his welcome speech on training on ruminant feed production for Palestinians yesterday.

He also added that through Mardi’s Livestock Research Centre, the agency has been playing a major role in the research and development for products and technologies for the livestock industries, including animal feed processing.

ARB is currently being managed and commercialised by Mardi’s unit, Marditech.

The project also covers feed production/milling operation and activities such as strategic sourcing of suitable breeds to create the initial critical mass.

Mardi provides feed production training for Palestinians
Dr Abdul Shukor noted the ruminant feed production training for Palestinians was organised in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency and Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme.

“The training programme is part of Mardi’s effort to highlight recent advances in animal nutrition and feed supplement and also to promote technologies in feed processing,” he said.


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